Cure IBS with yoga and Ayurveda

I know I already talked much about IBS but you know why I always try to write about IBS? because somehow I want to help to those who are fighting with it and feeling helpless and miserable, I know the pain, I know the misery, yes! of course, it is not life-threatening but what about the misery, pain and low feeling? it just crushes your confidence and you feel that you are the weakest person, no but you are not, you are the strongest person who is fighting with this disorder, let us tell them who does not know anything about IBS, let us give some information about it.

what is irritable bowel syndrome? &

what are the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS? :  symptoms may vary according to the type of IBS, but one symptom is common amongst all persons who are suffering from IBS and that is abdominal pain or stomach ache. no certain spot or area of can be told it also varies with the patient to patient but most of the people find that it pains at the lower abdomen. some symptoms of discomfort, bloating, feeling like stomach is always full(some person may feel he/she is hungry even after heavy meal) maybe he/she feels it because of the wrong signal by brain to gut, sharp pain in stomach only get relief after passing gas and many troubles they face with IBS. another thing is it seems that there is very less possibility of any connection of IBS and liver. because in IBS you do not lose your appetite in general.

what are the types of irritable bowel syndrome?

irritable bowel syndrome with constipation in short IBS C (C for constipation), irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea in short IBS D (D for diarrhea), irritable bowel syndrome with mixed symptoms means some time with constipation and sometimes with diarrhea which is more annoying and irritating.

what are the possible causes of IBS? nobody can tell the exact cause but many possible causes are there. ⊗ miscommunication between brain and gut is on number one position in this list. when you eat something food travels either too slow or too fast because of abnormal movement of the intestine. in diarrhea, it travels too fast and it does not give sufficient time for digestion and intestine cannot absorb the water in food too. it means when you have watery stool it means intestine cannot absorb the water and food passes as it comes. on the other hand in IBS C you food travels too slow and intestine absorbs more water from your food and stool gets hard. did you notice one thing? it means if we are successful to retain our intestine’s movement or if we can control the movement of our intestine we can control the IBS but how to do it, yes! we are searching for it.

SIBO is another possible cause SIBO means small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. SIBO and IBS symptoms in both cases are almost common except some symptoms.overgrowth of bacteria in small intestine yes! the small intestine is one through which your food comes and after that, it breaks down in very small particle or in liquid form, the liver releases some chemical or acid which is must digest the food, so if your small intestine is with overgrowth of bacteria it means difficult to digest your food properly.

overdose of antibiotics may kill the good bacteria in your stomach this may be the reason of IBS or any other gastrointestinal diseases. and please stay away from the antibiotics if possible.I mean for any minor disease or problem you should not use it because it may result in longterm bad effects on your stomach.

⊗ even healthy person feels discomfort in the stomach when he/she feels stressed or anxious, it means stress is the trigger for some persons while some say it is the major possible cause of IBS.

⊗ you were sick or ill for long period it may make your digestion poor, this is also the possible cause but not sure it is the cause or just people’s sayings.

how to manage it with some dos and don’t.

dos & don’t divide your meal into 3-4 times. don’t take large or heavy meals.

don’t eat food with high protein and fats.always eat food with low fat and high carbs.

don’t take dinner at late night or close to bedtime.eat dinner at least 3-4 hours before you go to bed.

don’t stay awake for late night, your body needs time to digest the food.sleep early and wake up early was the mantra of good health.

avoid stress daily practice different breathing techniques to avoid stress. ♦♦♦♦♦ dear friends, I especially noted the things in red color which should be avoided and noted those in green which must do every day. you can also make the same chart with dos and don’t and can stick it to your bedroom’s wall so it will work like the reminder for you. will you do it? at least will you think about making such type of chart? please think about it.♦♦♦♦♦

List of some ayurvedic medicines and remedies to control or cure IBS C and IBS D. first take a look at ayurvedic medicines for IBS D:

  • Entostal.
  • Dadimavaleha.
  • Bilagyl.
  • Bilvasan.

herbs and home remedies for IBS D

  • dried bael fruit/Aegle Marmelos mixed with water and drink it 3 times/day remember not to take outer shell go for inner. better to search for how to prepare bael fruit juice. giving video link. for better results try dried bael.but if not available bael fruit juice is also a not bad idea.
  • black tea mixed with lemon juice. how to cure diarrhea with black lemon tea.
  • yogurt mix with psyllium Psyllium husk/Isabgol and eat this mixture.
  • pomegranate is highly effective in diarrhea to eat fruit or drink the juice of pomegranate but the fruit is the better option.
  • beetroot have the high amount of fiber and many more health benefits so daily include beetroot in your meal and drink plenty of water with it. to avoid diarrhea it is the best option with rich fiber.

let us see medicines/remedies for IBS C:

  • castor oil.
  • hot water with lemon as soon as you wake up.
  • peppermint essential oil with coconut oil massage onto abdomen 3times a day.

we discussed medicines and remedies but without yoga or physical exercise you cannot get complete control so let us see which poses and asanas help you to control the irritable bowel syndrome.

poses for irritable bowel syndrome with constipation

  1. mayurasana: peacock pose.how to do mayurasana
  2. halasana: Plough pose how to do halasana
  3. pavanmuktasan: wind-relieving pose. how to do it
  4. butterfly pose: baddha konasana. how to do it
  5. sun-salutation: what is sun salutation
  6. cat-cow pose how to do it
  7. kapalbhati pose how to do it, how to do it with different style

poses for irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea

  1. Bharadwaja’s twist: Bharadvajasana how to do it
  2. boat pose: Paripurna Navasana how to do it
  3. Child pose: Balasana how to do it
  4. downward-facing dog pose: Adhomukhasvanasana: how to do it
  5. half-moon pose: Ardhachandrasana how to do it
  6. Marichasana: how to do it
  7. Sarvangasana how to do it
  8. Copse pose: Shavasana (to relax your nerves in brain and gut): how to do it
  9. kapalbhati – to strengthen your abdominal muscle

never never never eat the stale food I am specially requesting you this through strikethrough because it is very very harmful to your gut.

sorry friends post went so long. I know the little bit boring to read so long but I believe that if you want to help someone then do it with full heart ;-), I am giving video link for each pose and asanas so you no need to search for it and it will help you to learn these poses.

have a good day my dear friends and I hope you will get something useful for this post. and you are always welcome for any kind of suggestion and please add if you know more about how to cure irritable bowel syndrome, have a healthy and happy life friends take care and God bless you :-).

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what is serotonin and how it works?

make your christmas more happy with magical chemical the serotonin, check your serotonin level .

sometimes I think about my mood and I goes in deep confusion. why I feel angry, depressed, anxious without any reason. one day one of my friends posted something about GI and mood and I got surprised.until that moment I was thinking that mood of happiness or sadness or any shades of my mood are produced in mind, so when I feel angry or anxious I tried meditation, yes, of course it helped me but meditation was not enough to overcome my anxiety or depression or it can not makes my mind strong but I need something another. Yes! I need something that can maintain my good mood, happiness, Positive feelings, and fortunately, my one friend gave a clue that yes! something is there which can help you to cure your IBS and it will make you happy and what was that? yes! it was the magical chemical called Serotonin.

What is this magical chemical (Serotonin)? →It is 5-hydroxytryptamine or in short 5-HT and it is one kind of neurotransmitter which is mainly found in our gastrointestinal tract(GI), and in central nervous system but mostly serotonin produced in GI around 90%, now I realized why I feel angry, irritated or uncomfortable when my stomach is not ok, so it proves that when we feel happy or feel good we must thank you the magical chemical.

where is it exactly stores in our gastrointestinal tract? → it is located or produced in the enterochromaffin cell called as EC which plays the major role in the good functioning of our GI. serotonin not only keeps you happy but also plays more crucial role in our life.it is the chemical which is must need for our deep sleep and as we know if we get deep sleep then it helps to functioning of all systems of body so if you are suffering from quality sleep problem or if you don’t feel good in morning it means you did not sleep well and one reason for your lack of deep sleep lies in your GI.

what are the negative effects of low serotonin level? → no more discussion is needed about negative effects of low serotonin level. people who are suffering from any kind of gastrointestinal disorder can better tell about negative effects of low serotonin level. your bad mood is the product of your low serotonin level same way if you are feeling irritated, angry, feeling sad without reason it may cause just because of low serotonin level.low serotonin cause depression, anxiety, lack of sleep and I think if you are suffering from Sleep apnea please check your serotonin level. it is not limited to sleep apnea, anxiety and depression only, if you feel memory loss, lack of concentration or not able to understand something quickly then there may be the reason of low serotonin lev stomach or gastrointestinal disorder you have to face if you have low serotonin level? → if you are often suffering from constipation or if you have irritable bowel syndrome with constipation then you must check your serotonin level because low serotonin causes constipation and it also can cause Diverticulitis. diverticulitis means when you face the situation like constipation you have to apply more pressure to pass stool because of that more pressure on colon it develops diverticula. so please go and check your serotonin level. it can be easily checked with blood and urine sample.

how to improve serotonin level easily? → if you are willing to improve serotonin level and want to make yourself happy then nature is always ready to help you. there are some food and ways that certainly helps to improve your serotonin level. so let us see.

  • Exercise: It is the simplest and easy way to improve your serotonin level. any physical activity like Long walk, Pushups, weightlifting or sun salutation or any other kind of yoga and asana (Pose) improves your serotonin level, I prefer Sun salutation, you may try something another you like. weight lifting is also the good option if you don’t have more time.
  • Protein: protein is the good source of increasing our serotonin level.dairy products, fish, chicken are the rich source of protein and helps to improve magical chemical.
  • B6 & B12: it is the important source for improving serotonin level. food like Fish, poultry, eggs are good source of vitamin B6 and if you are vegetarian then try potatoes, Peanuts, Soya bean you can get more information about vitamins and minerals through vitamin and minerals, banana is also good source of B6. for getting B12 you have options like banana, Peanuts, sunflower seeds. dairy products also contain good amount of B12 but in case you are lactose intolerant then try other options. for more information about B6 and B12
  • try to get up a little bit early because you are missing the good and most natural source of serotonin.YES! it’s our friend THE SUN sun rays or sunlight helps to improve your serotonin level, have you ever noticed freshness after wake up early. don’t go for too much hot sun rays enjoy mild sunlight and feel the freshness.
  • yes, my friend doesn’t feel tedious I am suggesting you another sweet, popular option that we love all. at least I love so much :-), Dark chocolate, as it is the good source of improving our serotonin level. why? because it contains the high amount of cocoa than milk chocolate. cocoa has some contents which help to stimulate serotonin so prefer dark chocolates instead of milk chocolate.

as we all know it’s fun time it’s the time of celebration days of Christmas. of course you want to be happy and want to celebrate Christmas and this magical chemical is going to boost your level of happiness. so enjoy Christmas with more dark chocolates ;-). and yes! after that we have another occasion for the celebration. huuu it’s happy new year time :-), so get ready with for celebration with THE MAGICAL CHEMICAL.

♥♥♥♥♥ have healthy and happy days my friends and God bless all of you 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥


how to cure and manage your life with irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea

how to manage IBS with diarrhea?


Fighting with IBS D from last 10 years and learned a lot of things and ways to manage this symptom, though I cannot achieve 100 % success life becomes a little bit easy due to some tricks, tips, medicines and diet change. I want to share these tricks, tips, and medicines which will help you to manage the symptoms. let us see some tips, tricks, and remedies for Irritable bowel with diarrhea.

Entostal: this is the ayurvedic tablet which is suggested by my friend I always keep it in my pocket. it contains Aegle marmelos (Bael) and some other effective herbs and contents which is very effective in case of diarrhea, inflammation, cramps and stomach ache. I observed when I have IBS attack and pain in my stomach it reduces pain and controls urge of motion, especially when I have to attend some function or if someone invites me for dinner lunch it works like damage controller(you know the embarrassing situations when you have IBS with D but it does not mean you have permission to eat anything which triggers your symptoms. it does not work if you eat too much-triggered food items so keep in mind it is just to give you some relief but doesn’t allow you to eat whatever you want. thanks to my friend who suggested me such an effective herbal medicine.

♦ psyllium husk or isabgol is the fiber supplement which is helping me form last 2 years, sometimes when I had diarrhea out of control, I used to consume it mix with yogurt to prevent loose motion and diarrhea. you take it twice a day or single time before you go to bed choice is yours, but the overdose of it makes gas and bloating it’s my experience.


♦ Fasting is the way to keep my IBS D symptoms under control if I eat something which I must not, then I have to pay the price which is in form of fasting. I do not fast for the whole day or for 24 hours , fasting time totally depends on my brain signal, if my brain suggest that I should breakfast and must eat something then I follow it’s ordered ( I often things that we must follow instruction or advise of our brain to save us from dangerous situations ).

♦ peppermint leaves or peppermint tea is my another hope to keep my IBS D manageable. I boil 4-6 peppermint leaves in water and drink that hot water I suggest you to drink hot water with your own comfort level. very much hot water may harm you. so try with your own level of comfort and safety.

♦one small bite of ginger when I feel like vomiting and discomfort it gives instant relief but it is hot in nature so don’t use excessively.

please suggest if you have any other solutions or remedies just need to get out of it. have a healthy gut, my friend ♥♥♥♥♥.


Tree pose to cure anxiety

When I was young I used to watch 1 tv show, it was mythological tv show in which 1 mighty king does Austerity of god for fulfilling his wishes, He does Austerity, not in normal pose meant not just by sitting on the ground, he used to practice in some strange pose for Austerity -Tapasya(it is a process in which the person continuously chant specific mantra or words and does not change his position or pose until and unless he got his wish. I used to see him with great attention because the way he (The king) used to stand on his 1 leg and chant some words all day and night, I can’t explain his pose in words , I will show you 1 picture above so you will get the idea what I mean to say, but the way he used to stand it was looking like tree, I asked my mom why he is standing in such a difficult pose , she said it is for showing dedication towards god, after few years I saw the same pose when I went for morning walk, one lady was trying to stand in the same pose . I asked her what kind of exercise are you doing ? she said it is vrikshasana (tree pose) and I practice it daily, oh! ok thank you I gave thanks to her and went back to home , I tried this tree pose but I couldn’t stand even for 1 minute, after practice of 8 days , I could hold myself for 3-4 minutes or less than 3 minutes ( didn’t notice) but after I practice it I found that I can hold my mind on one task at one time, which was very hard for me , I find something interesting and I practice it daily , I decided to get more information about this pose and got some very useful information about this tree pose (The vrikshasana) .

  • It improves balance and posture.
  • It calms the mind and body.
  • It stretches your spine, arms, buttocks.
  • It improves concentration and helps to reduce anxiety, try to stand with this pose and concentrate on one object , practice it daily and you will find that you are gaining control over your mind it helps to stop over thinking which is also a symptom of IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) .
  • It helps those who are suffering with sciatica.

every yoga pose has its own characteristics and benefits but it helps when you practice it regularly, this tree pose is not easy so you must take care while practising it or it is better to take proper training , but in these days YouTube made things so easy you can learn it so easily and with free of cost ( now don’t tell me that you don’t have internet connection ;-)).

giving video link so it will be easy to learn . try it , it works , I tried it that’s why suggesting it for you , have a healthy and happy day friends .

how to do tree pose?

Giving YouTube video link which will help you to learn tree pose the vrikshasana

Tree pose (vrikshasana)


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tree pose (vrikshasana):pose to cure anxiety and depression

please take a look, maybe this one pose can change your life so just try it if you feel good to continue it otherwise stop it

healthy and happy

When I was young I used to watch 1 tv show, it was mythological tv show in which 1 mighty king does Austerity of god for fulfilling his wishes, He does Austerity, not in normal pose meant not just by sitting on the ground, he used to practice in some strange pose for Austerity -Tapasya(it is a process in which the person continuously chant specific mantra or words and does not change his position or pose until and unless he got his wish. I used to see him with great attention because the way he (The king) used to stand on his 1 leg and chant some words all day and night, I can’t explain his pose in words , I will show you 1 picture above so you will get the idea what I mean to say, but the way he used to stand it was looking like tree, I…

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